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 Meeting of October 13, 2022 Return to the Concord, NH This meeting is in HD. The State Board of Education is back live the second Thursday of each month now 10 am-3pm. Meetings may be long or short and with non-public sessions. Public comment is by sign-up live and/or in written form. New Location of Meetings Granite State College 25 Hall St, Concord, NH 03773

This video is of the NH State Board of Education at their October 13, 2022 Meeting of the NH State Board of Education.




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These meeting are a combination of   ZOOM by the NH Department of Education LIVE and Play by Play filming by

Peter Martin,  Exquisite Productions

106 North Main Street

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Meetings are now at the location of

Granite State College

25 Hall Street

Concord, NH


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