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NH State Board of Education  Meetings- Welcome

 September 14, 2023 Important meeting on line now. go to www.vimeo.com/865293823 August 10, 2023 Vimeo.com/854872595 July 20, 2023 Vimeo.com/847930605 Let others know about this important information every month. past video files: Click above, NH S B Video, then drop-downs, year then month. You may move within a video within seconds. Welcome to the on line video viewing of The NH State Board of Education Monthly and Extra Meetings NOTE: The sign-up for three minute Public Comment has returned to the Monthly meeting agenda. Meeting of June 8, 2023 Access on vimeo, copy vimeo address vimeo.com/836403362 copy to search engine May 11, 2023 Great Meeting, Great School, Great Robotics Team. Board was on the road, Hosted by Prospect Mountain High School Alton, New Hampshire View on Vimeo go to, Vimeo.com/828513190 enjoy, Thank you for watching Thank you also to North East Delta Dental Peter Martin Exquisite Productions April 13, 2023 Now online Go to www.vimeo.com/821655581 Delayed by repair of editing software. March 9, 2023 now online aprox 4 hours Put in your search www.vimeo.com/808870831 this will bring you to it's location on vimeo Held up by the snow storm. February 9, 2023 now online 2hours 21 minutes 51 seconds copy link below https://vimeo.com/799219048 or, vimeo.com/799219048 December's Meeting of 2022 is now online on vimeo. copy or type in: www.vimeo.com/781700798 January 12, 2023 Meeting now online go to vimeo. copy paste in your browser vimeo.com/797152162 This will take you to Vimeo and the December 8, 2022 meeting. Very good meeting. Location areas in the video are easy to get to and clear. You are not watching Zoom boxes except from out of the room input. Play by play filming is like being there in a private front row seat. Thank you for watching Exquisite Productions Films *[There is a recognizable audio shift causing out of sync voice to lips. Once the cause is tracked down and corrected, this copy will be replaced.] VERY IMPORTANT Monthly Meeting NOTICE Meeting of November 10, 2022 on the road, guests of Pennichuck Middle School, Nashua, NH IMPORTANT to view this film, go directly to VIMEO copy or type in https://vimeo.com/770329934 Adobe Muse is no longer supporting Muse from their program ands website design with MUSE. I will post the direct film link each month using all of VIMEO support and quality player. Prior meetings: Go to the bar above to NH S B Video. Follow the flow chart to the month and year. To get to the NH State Board of Education with your search engine without a link, copy line below, to get to..... "NH State Board of Education minutes, meetings and agenda 2022" This will bring you to the state of NH location you need to find, information and click on to get to the agenda, minutes, meetings and special meetings, as well as documents associated with the Board Meetings. WHY? Need or want-to-know important public data. For Each meeting the State Board has an agenda. For Each meeting the board may have a tremendous number of important back-up documents and information right there ready to download. When you are ready to go to a video of a desired meeting to view, Click on the box above... NH S B Video, then click year, then month. Follow the monthly page to the bottom for that's months video. Normal monthly Board meetings are Now at Granite State College 25 Hall Street Concord, NH 10am-3pm Meetings are now live again in Concord, the 2nd Thursday of each month plus special meetings. Live meeting is filmed by the Department using Zoom. Private Play by Play filming by Peter Martin, Exquisite Productions of Newport, NH is posted on Vimeo as well as on line, 24/7 at: www.nhboardofeducation.com Thank you for watching Exquisite Productions Films, and Thank you to our filming sponsor: NORTH EAST DELTA DENTAL and now save money with our new sponsor and be warm again this winter! Common Sense Heating https://commonsenseheating.com When posted or to review other Board meetings, Click "NH S B Video" above. The drop down menu will offer several months of video views by the month and years. Please remember this is a private site endorsed by the New Hampshire State Board of Education. To be a sponsor, supporter: (603) 727-4444, Peter Martin Purpose of site: Information before the board must not stay in one room. Important State of NH Board, Important Monthly Meetings and Agendas important to you, your family and others. Thank you for watching. Education is an adventure, an earned gift. Enjoy!