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NH State Board of Education  Meetings- Welcome





Welcome to the on line video viewing of The NH State Board of Education

Monthly and Extra Meetings


The meeting of November 10, 2021 is on line for part 1

from Minute 0- 2:21:00. then, Part 2 is on the same page

 from a few minutes

 before 2 hrs 21 minutes to the end.

Full meeting video just under 4 hours


The meeting are moved back to the Walker Building

21 South Fruit Street, Concord, NH


Meetings are now live again in Concord, the 2nd Thursday of each month plus special meetings.

Live meeting is filmed by the Department using Zoom.

Due to relocation, no zoom until internet is available at Walker Building.

Private Play by Play filming is posted on Vimeo as well as on line, 24/7 at:


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When posted or to review other Board meetings,

Click NH S B Video above.

The drop down menu will offer several months of video views by the month and years.

Extra filming of interest

link to: The John W. McCrillis Memorial Award

Skiing Recognition Award


Worth Viewing Tip from  Meeting of June 2016

An important appearance at the June meeting was

Retired Supreme Court Chief Justice

John Broderick speaking on The Five Signs of Mental Illness.

If you have not viewed it, it is recommended. (By me)

Early Intervention and Recognition

Ask yourself, "are all my relatives or family members sane"?

Thought so,

Well? Maybe you can help them or yourself?

Good Luck,



How do I get there?   It's a flow chart:      Click above:  NH S B Video

Then go to the year and then the month.  What is in each meeting?

Good question,  agenda's are linked below.

Find your meeting on the State Site, copy or download, save and/or print...


LOOK  Here-------------link to State Site Board Minutes and Agenda's



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New Hampshire State Board of Education.


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Purpose of site:  Information before the board must not stay in one room.  Important State of NH Board, Important Monthly Meetings and Agendas important to you, your family and others.

Thank you for watching.


Education is an adventure, an earned gift.  Enjoy!